Dogs are Welcome!

Dogs are Welcome!



Did you know that dogs are welcome here at FFG? Well, we’ve got good news!


We want your stay here to be as comfortable and enjoyable as it can be. For many of our guests, this means bringing their family and friends and enjoying the property as a group. But, we understand that your best pals aren’t always of the human species. 


So, bring your pup along! We want you to experience the beauty of our cottage with your whole family and we know that more often than not - our pets ARE our family. It wouldn’t be fair to leave the poor thing at home, so we’re fine with you bringing them along! 


We consider the stay of pets here because we know how important they are and all of the wonderful benefits being in the presence of an animal can bring you. According to the Ontario SPCA, pets can relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.


It’s been noted that even just being in the presence of a pet can promote relaxation and alleviate stress. Your stay here should be relaxing and stress free - so having your dog on the stay with you is simply a no-brainer.


That being said, we hope that you treat our property with kindness and respect. If your dog goes #2, please pick it up! Use your discretion, you know your dog better than we do! If your dog is not the best “behaved” pup, they may not make the best roommate on your stay. If your dog is known to shed a fair amount of hair, please ensure that they stay off of the furniture. 


We want your dog to have fun here! There are lots of activities sure to keep them busy. Play fetch, let them rest on the sun porch, swim in the lake, go for a walk with you, etc!

Our dog, Marney, loves spending time here basking in the sun. So it only seems fair to allow your fur baby to have the same opportunity.


We currently do not allow cats at FFG. If you have any questions regarding your pets and your stay here, please feel free to email us at