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How it Started - Blog 1


In this article, you will hear first hand (from owner Robin)

the story of how Friendly Fires Getaway came to be. 

Discover our background, future ideas, and more!



You'll Never Want to Leave - Blog 2


Read up on our top features! We strive to provide an all-inclusive chalet - with everything you need on-site. 



Cottage Country VS. Busy City (Mental Health Benefits)

 - Blog 3


Discover the mental health benefits of spending time outdoors, and why so many people are 

choosing cottage country over big city vacations.



For the Foodies - Blog 4


This one's for you food lovers out there! Get to know our cooking amenities and learn the

benefits of cooking as well as meat smoking tips and tricks!


Wellness at FFG - Uppliva

 - Blog 5


In this blog, you'll not only learn about our wellness amenities but about our upcoming

partnership with Uppliva Spa!


Make Sparks Fly

 - Blog 6


Enjoy our top 5 ideas for a romantic date night within the cottage!


Girls Trip Ideas - Blog 7


Read our top ideas for the ultimate girl's night at FFG!


Dogs are Welcome too! - Blog 8