Girls Trip Ideas

The Ultimate Cottage Girls Trip


Looking for activities to experience with your ladies?

Read our top ideas for the ultimate girls' trip at Friendly Fires Getaway!




Wake up to the morning sun while you and your girlfriends take advantage of the open space here at FFG.

Roll out your mats and experience our relaxing location as you release your stress with a calm yoga flow.

Depending on the size of your group, you may choose to do so either in the cottage or outside in nature. 

Spa treatment


Don’t forget to pack your face masks and cucumber slices! Do I even need to explain why that’s a good idea?

Relax and rejuvenate as a group by holding your very own spa day! We’ve got some goodies already here for you as well.

Oh, and pack your coziest robe as well. We’ll be waiting for you!



Alright, alright, we know it comes up in almost every blog, but it truly is awesome! Sweat it out while you chat in our calming sauna.

You’ll be glowing when you’re done! Our sauna is located inside the cottage, just off of the kitchen. Friends who glow together, stay together!


Hot tub


Enjoy a glass of wine while you and the girls sit back in our 8-person hot tub. Our hot tub sits just outside the cottage and is the perfect little slice of heaven.

Chat about life, future plans, or whatever your heart desires!


Catered Dinner


We are currently working with an amazing caterer to soon bring you catered meals.

So, you could plan a delightful dinner with the girls around the table! Our dining area is the perfect place to gather. After all, food is love. 

Karaoke night


Karaoke is ALWAYS fun - even better for girls night!

Crank up some tunes and sing together at the top of your lungs, or take turns and battle it out! Shania Twain is our personal favorite.

Book Club


Do you and your group have a love for reading? Bring your favorite book and hold a cozy girl's night book club!

Gather around the woodstove while you discuss your favorite books and future reads. Or, use it as an excuse to drink some wine and gossip, it's okay, we don’t judge.



There’s nothing quite like capturing the memories you’ll make here as a group. You could choose to take candid photos around the fire, or dress it up and pose around the whole property! You could even get fun with it and whip out the silly hats and feather boa!




Given our location, we are in the perfect area to offer you the most beautiful hikes! Take a walk around the property or take a small drive and visit a hiking trail.

Once you see our beautiful trees and other scenery, you won’t be disappointed.