How it Started - Blog 1

How it Started

I’ve always had a knack for building and creating. Growing up, my father was a general contractor and I, in turn, did the same for many years. I also had a construction tool company, where I patented and sold tools within the retail business environment (ex. Home Depot). As for education, I studied Architecture at Carleton University but never officially practiced architecture. 

I later discovered that I am more of a businessman. With a flair for design, sales, and marketing, my business wraps all of those up into one.


The journey with Friendly Fires Getaway began 7 years ago. Within the past two years, we have picked up steam dramatically. In that time I’ve decided to do this in a much bigger way and devote time and attention to making the space the best it can be.

In the Beginning

When I first began, I was simply looking to subsidize my cottage expenses. But as time went on, I found that I really enjoyed the vacation rental business and all it has to offer. I relish in many aspects of the field. Specifically, I enjoy being able to create a property in the cottage country that guests can come and enjoy themselves in. I find that this business uses all of my experiences and ticks off all boxes of things I enjoy doing. This includes analyzing guests and what they’re looking for, designing, building, etc. I also appreciate communicating with our guests, whether in person or on the web.

The Process

In 2005, our lot was just trees. It started as a 640 sq ft bunky in 2006, then we added strategically along the way. I have designed, built, and added something every year since then. Most of the building here I have done myself. That being said, I do my best to hire local people to help me around the property, such as cleaners, tradesmen, woodworkers, etc. 

I really enjoy doing detailed work in all mediums, wood in particular. It is the core to the interior design and architecture of the cottage. I strive for a rustic modern look in my work I also enjoy working with steel aluminum, concrete, and tile. I find great enjoyment in doing the research and figuring out how to build projects. Out of the cottage, business has spun a small furniture business as well. My other business, Northern Cube, focuses on the creation of beautiful and functional furniture pieces. We celebrate the natural character and beauty of wood.

The Mission and Future Additions

I am very proud of the fact that I have built a strong connection with my guests. They return yearly and pass the cottage onto others who want to stay here too. I listen to the guest's needs in order to create the perfect getaway for them to love and enjoy. I continue to push my design and building skills as well to create the best environment.

My mission here is to create the ideal, all-inclusive cottage getaway for families and couples to create long-lasting memories. Over the next two years, I have a series of projects that will eventually be underway. We plan on adding a cooking pavilion, upgrades to bedrooms, new services such as pre-made food and business retreats, and much more!

I have met many vacation rental professionals along the way who have assisted me in this journey. I hope you follow along and enjoy the space we have built for you. We hope to see you soon!