You'll Never Want to Leave

You’ll never want to leave! - Blog 2


The days of looking elsewhere for adventures and activities are over. When you book with us, you’re not just booking a place to sleep. You’re booking a space to laugh, play, enjoy, and adventure all in one! Here are our top features that are sure to keep your attention while staying on the property!




We know that fire and the magic it brings has the ability to transform a cottage vacation experience. When we think camping and cottaging, we think… fire! Our campfire sits below the cottage by the lake. It’s the perfect spot to gather, share memories, roast marshmallows, etc. But we’ve got fire inside too!

Sit in our living area in front of the woodstove and enjoy a drink, or just some peace and quiet.


Hot Tub


With our 8-person hot tub you are sure to have lots of fun with your friends and family. It sits just off the cottage and is the perfect piece of heaven with a view of our beautiful lake. Relax there while your fellow guests hike, cook, read, etc!



You read that right… we have a sauna! And the best part? It’s INSIDE! So you truly don’t have to leave the cottage! Our sauna sits just off of the kitchen, allowing you to restore your body then finish up with some dinner, or a drink. The steam and high heat of our sauna promote detoxification in the body, increased blood circulation, stress relief, skin rejuvenation, and more!


Dog Friendly


Did you know we’re dog friendly? We understand that your fur babies are part of your family, so they should vacation with you! You pupper could bask in the sun, swim in the lake, and snooze around the cottage. No more planning out doggy daycare or running back to feed the dog. When we say fun for the whole family, we really mean it!




One thing we LOVE about our property is that we are lakeside. There’s just something so special about watching the sunset over the water. You are welcome to swim in our lake, make a splash off the dock, or take the fishing boat for a spin! Our property faces south, which means we get LOTS of sun! Perfect for a day on the water. The fishing in Quebec is superb. Our previous guests have told us that the bass fishing is top notch.


Games & Entertainment


Who doesn’t love a good game night? We have lots of games for you to choose from here in the chalet, my personal favourite has to be Jenga! Whether it’s a family trip or an adventure with some friends, you’re never to young for some board game fun. Not only do we have the games, we also have the space! We have lots of entertaining space for you in the living area, so do as you please!




We know you like to get away for many different reasons. Maybe it’s a family trip, a girls stay, or maybe you’d like to come out here and get some of your work done in a peaceful place! We have internet available to you upon your arrival. This way you can relax and disconnect from busy life, while staying connected online! We’d love for you to share photos of the fun you have on our stay. Don’t forget to tag us!




This one’s for all you foodies out there! If you’ve got a love for food, smoked meat, and BBQ, we think you’ll like it here. All the tools you might need are right here on sight. With a barbeque AND two smokers, you’ll be able to whip up the best dinner in town! We do have fantastic diners and restaurants in the area, but you can’t beat cooking up your own food right here on the property. We’ve also been discussing a possible food catering service… so keep your eye out!




Our property is built for FUN, FUN, and more FUN! Enjoy the scenery by taking our two kayaks and canoe for a quiet trip along the water. There are so many benefits to fun outside activities. Kayaking and Canoeing can improve your aerobic fitness, strength, and flexibility.

As you now know, our property is Jam-packed with fun activities, peace and quiet, the best cooking eqipment and more. We pride ourselves in bringing you as much of an “all-inclusive” stay as we can. Once you’re here, you won’t want to(or have to) leave!